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Neuroshima HEX Army Packs back in action!

Neuroshima HEX Army Packs back in action!
Are you ready to play? We re-stocked our webshop with Neuroshima HEX Army Pack – and we did it way sooner, than we anticipated! We have for you: Mississippi New York Smart Vegas Uranopolis Death Breath As well as Dancer, Mephisto and Steel Police, that never went out of stock. Check them out in our shop. Promo Tiles Set 1 Great way to enhance your Neuroshima HEX! experience is to add some new neutral tiles, mercenaries, monsters and other fun post apocalyptic elements to your board. What’s more, this new promo tiles set have new, lower price! Look it up in our shop! But wait, there is more! We know, that some of you would like to play with other armies, which are unavailable in English right now. We have a proposition for you – you can buy Polish version and use English rulebook, that we provide! That way you can add Neojungle and Sharrash to your collection. Have ...

Neuroshima HEX – IRON GANG Army Pack and other armies reprint!

Neuroshima HEX – IRON GANG Army Pack and other armies reprint!
We are happy to announce, that we have a re-print of Neuroshima Hex armies in stock and ready to sell! Please check out our shop: http://portalgames.pl/shop/ At the same time we would like to officially announce a new army in the Neuroshima HEX army pack series – IRON GANG IRON GANG: new Army Pack for Neuroshima HEX Engines roar through the night sky, as you see clouds of dust coming your way. Hot tires screech across the road, as hundreds of riders wreck havoc to anything on their path. They are followed by heavy armoured warriors, intimidating anyone with a cacophony of metallic sounds made by their chains, net launchers and other weapons of post apocalyptic war. First, the riders are going to surround and entangle you with their web of steel. ...

Neuroshima HEX Army reprint

Neuroshima HEX Army reprint
We have great news for all Neuroshima HEX fans! Army reprint is on its way. We will have for you: Mississippi New York Smart Vegas Uranopolis Death Breath They should be available in our shop around November. Stay tuned!

Web store: New items!

With the release of Death Breath army for U.S. market, we also have one small addition to the Neuroshima Hex universe – that is Terrain tiles. Inspired by the rules from the old expansion (Babel13) terrain tiles will change the board and add few additional surprises to the battles. We hope that all of the hardcore fans of Neuroshima Hex will love this small expansion! Link to the web store!

VIDEO: Watch It Played – Neuroshima Hex Playthrough

If you’ve never played Neuroshima Hex and have always been curious to see what a full play-through of the game looks like you need look no further! Rodney and Pep have put together an excellent 2 part series showcasing a game from start to finish… and they even asked for viewer input during the intermission!


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