Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write

With the great empires warring with each other, some settlers decided to move out in search of more peaceful lands. They know that this time they will have to work together to prosper in these new regions, or should at least try to…

IMPERIAL SETTLERS: ROLL & WRITE is a quick engine-building game with roll and write mechanics. Each player tries to be as efficient as possible with the given resources and available workers. In the game, players construct new buildings to gain abilities, build bridges to reach new lands and different constructions to gain victory points. The player who built the biggest Empire and gained the most Victory Points at the end of the 10th round wins the game.

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write game components

IMPERIAL SETTLERS: ROLL & WRITE offers 3 playing modes:

Basic mode – easy to learn, perfect for playing with your family and to discover the basics of the game. It offers 5 unique buildings.

Advanced mode – perfect for gamers to search for many paths to victory and discover the basics of the game. It offers 5 unique buildings.

Adventure mode – designed to play solo. It offers 48 unique Village sheets – all with different buildings – so each time you play, you are challenged with a different situation.

The game lasts 10 rounds. In each round player rolls 3 resource dice and a worker die, to form a shared resource and worker pool. Then each player chooses a favor token which grants their Empire a special bonus. Next, they expand their Empire by harvesting fields to get more resources, building buildings to gain new abilities, and creating various constructions to gain victory points. At the end of 10th round players count up all of Victory Points to determine the winner!


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