Michał Oracz

Neuroshima Hex: Death Breath


ARTICLE: Death Breath in the Neuroshima setting

The plague which cast Detroit into flames transforms humans into mindless monstrosities which lust for killing; hideous slaughtering machines which make the mutes from the Death zone look like docile pets. The disease entirely burns off the brain, leaving just enough cunning to trace one’s victims. The memories are lost, the feelings are gone, whatever could testify to the humanity of those infected is eradicated. Instead, the creatures gain superhuman strength and unnatural resistance to injury and wounds. Oh, and the irresistible need for killing – stronger than any instinct known in the animal world. Just ask any inhabitant of Detroit about Death Breath – you’ll get a fearful glance as an answer. Death Breath ...

BLOG: Zombies and Neuroshima world

There were no zombies in the Neuroshima Role Playing Games. To be precise, there were no zombies, no mechs, and no dead children. We put into this game literally everything; it was 500 pages book that looked like witch’s cauldron. We put every single idea we had, and man, we were at our best back then, we were 20 years old and each of us was writing like a madman. Neuroshima RPG became most popular RPG in Poland, kicked the ass of Warhammer RPG, D&D, Call of Cthulhu and any other RPG published in Poland. We created a monster and people loved. That was 2003. *** I never understood why Michał Oracz, co-writer of Neuroshima hated mechs. That was his thing, that was his mysterious drive. He fuckin’ hated mechs. Hence, no ...

Death Breath is here

We are happy to announce that today, 4th of May there is a street date for Death Breath army for Neuroshima Hex. That means that you can go to your FLGS and buy the newest addition to the Neuroshima Hex universe and dig into new abilities and learn new ways to play your Neuroshima Hex. Death Breath army is designed by Michał Oracz, introduces zombie-like forces who can come back on board after they are killed. New fascinating abilities, new things to discover and yet, this is old good Neuroshima Hex. We wish you an awesome time with the new army!


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