Monolith Arena: Golems Army Pack pre-orders

  Monolith Arena: Golems allows players to take on the role of Constructors and create their mighty Golems on the arena. Golems excel at strength and toughness but are limited by their building process. Playing as Golems introduces a new mechanism represented by two-sided champions’ tiles: Golems get damaged instead

Portal Games on Gen Con online

Gen Con 2020 in Indianapolis has been moved to online channels: Twitch, YouTube and Discord. Because of the COVID-19 it was impossible to host the convention in traditional way. Portal Games is on Gen Con online as well: let’s see what’s on our schedule!

Roll & Write track sheet for players

Help to players of the classic Empire sheet of the Imperial Settlers Roll & Write is coming! Thanks to the new, free sheet that you can print for free, you’re now able to keep track of the current number of available Resources and Workers you have available.

Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire by Portal Games goes to retail

Gliwice, Poland – July 16th, 2020. Portal Games announces retail of the highly anticipated expansion to Imperial Settlers: Rise of the Empire by Joanna Kijanka. The expansion introduces a brand new game mode: the Open World campaign, where players strive to quickly go through all the Eras, from Ancient to Modern. Selling in retail starts today on our US store and in good board game stores in Europe.

Detective – Season One pre-orders

Detective: Season One is a stand-alone game based on Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It’s a set of three unique Detective cases in different styles and locations, none of which is similar to the scenarios in the previous cases of the Portal Games bestseller.

4 new games on Tabletopia and Portal Games Discord!

7/7/2020 Gliwice, Poland Portal Games is proud to present the latest update on Tabletopia – a digital online platform for playing board games. Players can enjoy four new titles from Portal Games. What is more, we opened a new Discord channel. Update (19/8/2020) Another title, Imperial Settlers: Empires of the

BLOG: Managing provinces

Rise of the Empire introduces three pillars that add new gameplay elements to the Imperial Settlers. The first one is well known for all fans who played Imperial Settlers solo variant I published as a free expansion back then in 2014. I will discuss this element today as an opening

BLOG: Feel at home

It was October 7th, 2018, when I played Imperial Settlers for the last time. Since then, I released Empires of the North, Imperial Settlers R&W, and Roman Banners and Japanese Islands expansions. Things happened, I’d say. This weekend I put my old box of Imperial Settlers on the table again,

Portal Games is opening Twitch channel

Gliwice – June 17th, 2020. Portal Games announces starting a new channel to communicate with their fans. The current list of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels, which the company has been successfully using to share news for the last several years, will be expanded by Portal Games US Twitch


We are bookworms. Movie maniacs. Story addicts. We grew up reading Tolkien, Howard, Herbert, Dick, Lem… We were watching Willow, Blade Runner, Never Ending Story, Robin Hood…

And yet, we don’t write books… we don’t make movies. We don’t make those things, because we make games. We make games that tell stories.

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