PROMO: Diplomacy

This awesome Imperial Settlers mini-expansion that enhances your gaming experience by adding new rules for players interaction through diplomatic means! There are two separate tiles, with two sides each, that includes:

  • Declaration of War & Mobilization tile – they allow you to wage war, prepare for retaliation and force a defence!
    Declaration of War side allows a player to gain a substantial number of Raze tokens by paying an equal number of Workers and then declare a war on another player. That player than gets this tile and decides, which side to use.
    Mobilization side allows a player to gain a substantial number of Workers from this tile, which are generated there in each clean-up phase and then pass this tile to another player.
  • Golden Route & Confiscation tile – they allow you to establish a trading routes, make deals and collect taxes from other players!
    Golden Route side allows you to pay 2 food and choose one card from another players’ Faction deck to make a deal with it. Then you need to pass this tile to that player, who now chooses which side to use.
    Confiscation allows you to take 2 Goods provided by Deals from a player, who made a Deal with your card. After collecting Goods that way, you then need to put this tile on the center of the table, Golden Route side up.

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