Play Detective on-line

In the times of social isolation, it is more difficult than usual to set up a game night. Even though everyone is staying home, and has more free time in the evenings, not being able to meet up can effectively cancel our game night plans. But does it have to be the case?

Since we are all at home and use the internet to stay in touch with friends and family, why not use the internet to set up a game night? There are many free video-chat apps, such as Skype, Zoom, Discord, Facebook Messenger, which can be easily used to play a game together and have a fantastic game night.

Then, there’s a question of which game can be easily played using video-chat as the only means of communication? Games that require lot’s of different components, dice, markers, countless game boards, might prove too fiddly to play with only a video-chat for most people.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game is unique in its gameplay concept – the core mechanic of the game is based on the spoken word – information that is shared between players.

In reality, it’s enough that only one of the players has a physical copy of the game. He would read the cards aloud for all players, and then they would all discuss together how to further run the investigation, which leads to follow, whom to interview next, etc.

Another important source of information in the game is the Antares database. Players might choose one person to access the database and read aloud its research findings.Of course, there’s also regular internet as a possible information source, and another player could specialize in this area, and read aloud its findings.

The person having a physical copy of the game would also control the gameboard for the group, tracking time, location, and used up Skill Tokens. This is a very simple and straightforward task, that is easily managed.

So there you have it – a perfect idea for a fun murder mystery game night, easily doable in spite of social isolation.

You can also play Detective using video-chat, even if no one in your playgroup owns a physical copy of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. Simply download the files for the demo case Suburbia. You will get not only the cards to print or view on screen allowing you to conduct an investigation, but also a demo game board to track time, locations, and Skill Tokens.

Suburbia is a stand-alone case with a shorter playtime, so it’s perfect to test not only playing using video-chat but also to test the game Detective.

1) Download Suburbia (click here to visit Suburbia website) or go for the whole campaign experience and buy the game (visit American store or European store).

2) Invite your friends to video-chat using any app of your choice (e.g. Skype, Zoom, Discord, Google Hangout, Facetime, Facebook Messenger).

3) Set up the game and discuss with your friends the different roles in the game (narrator, Antares researcher, internet researcher, etc.)

4) You are ready to go! Read the intro to the case and let the fun begin!


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