Portal Games May releases announcement!

We hope everyone had an incredible International Tabletop Day, and played many awesome games, we sure did! Now, as we roll into May, Portal Games is extremely excited to announce all of our new releases, available May 16th!

We Didn’t Start The Fire

Portal Games is continuing to expand the Imperial Settlers line with It’s 5th expansion, We Didn’t Start the Fire! Get ready to become a whole lot more confrontational with the new mechanic, Conquest! When you conquer, you cross borders between empires and invade, taking enemy Faction cards from any row for yourself, adding them to your own Empire! It’s time to grab their land! The expansion also introduces a new action, Siege! Included in the faction are 50 cards, adding onto the base deck, as well as supporting the previous factions.

Retailers that purchase the Early Launch Kit will get 6 copies of the expansion, along with 6 sets of 5 exclusive promo cards.

Release Date: May 16th
MSRP: $15

Iron Gang Puzzle Pack

We are expanding the Neuroshima Hex line with an all new Iron Gang Puzzle Pack, the first in a new line of solo challenges! Test your knowledge of Neuroshima HEX rules and tactics. Delve deep into the post-apocalyptic world to face its armies and threats alongside the Iron Gang – a vicious and brutal army set out to wreck havoc on anyone who dares to challenge them.

Along with 50 unique puzzles of varying difficulty, gain one additional Iron Gang tile which you can use for your multiplayer games to modify and potentially improve your army.

Release Date: May 16th
MSRP: $10

Neuroshima HEX Army Packs

Lastly, big news sure to make all Neuroshima Hex fans happy! We are happy to announce that all 12(twelve!!) armies for NS Hex are now available! Old armies have been reprinted, and new armies are made available for the first time on the North American shore.

The 12 armies: Steel Police, Dancer, Mephisto, Neojungle, Death Breath, Sharrash, Smart, New York, Mississippi, Vegas, Uranopolis, and Iron Gang, all finally available! Your NS Hex collection no longer has to be incomplete! Explore them all!


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