PROMO: Additional Beast Cards

This great Robinson Crusoe mini-expansion includes seven additional Beast Cards, such as finches, dodo bird, condor, sea lion, tortoise, muriqui and wild llama!

Add them now to your collection!

Additional Beast Cards

Buy Additional Beast Cards!

Additional Beast Cards

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  1. Guillaume Amiel 2018-09-17 | Reply

    Do you know when the Promo Beast cards will be back in stock?
    Thank you for your answer!
    Best regards

  2. Andreas Olsen 2018-08-23 | Reply

    Will the re-stocked version (English) be updated with the 4th edition icon (bread) on Finches?

  3. Robert Berrier 2018-07-09 | Reply


    This one cannot be ordered? I also cannot find it in the shop?


    • Portal Games 2018-07-09 | Reply

      Yes, that item is currently unavailable. It will be re-stocked in the future.

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