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ARTICLE: Neuroshima Hex – Steel Police

The wastes need order. There must be law. Without it, we are nothing but savages… no better than the mutants we defend our homes from. To win this war, we must mobilize. We must exercise justice swiftly and with absolute abandon. Humans are weak and feeble… unable to protect themselves without the pre-war machinery we cherish. Most minds would break under the weight of our duty. We seek out injustice, destroy it, and recruit from anyone strong enough to survive our wrath. We are the Steel Police. The new world may not be ready for us, but we don’t have time to care. Every day the injustices of the wastes bear down on us and we must rise against it. We are the front lines and the weaklings aren’t even aware. We ...

PREVIEW: Steel Police

The premier of Steel Police is very close, so today we present you a trailer A few years back, when the Steel Police was first released for the old editions, Ignacy wrote an article. We thought you’d like to read it. Moneyball Somewhere at the beginning of January, Steel Police got on my nerves and I snapped. The army’s made an incredible carnage on the table in Portal’s office. Won most of the battles. You see, it was not only winning all the battles – it was beating other armies into a pulp. Again and again. Results’ sheets from the turn of December and January are filled with such results as 17:0, 12:0, 13:1, and even 7: -4. The day when we were to close our tests and start preparing files for printing was getting closer, and the army was behaving ridiculously. Finally I couldn’t stand it. I called ...

ORIGINS: The Steel Police

With the upcoming release of Neuroshima Hex – Steel Police, we would like to share with you a chapter from the Neuroshima RPG that inspired the creation of this army by Michal Oracz. The Steel Police will debut at Essen Spiel and be available in US distribution at the same time. The Steel Police An elite group of soldiers, who hail from a broken up group of Navy S.E.A.L.S. Long ago the Seals lost contact with their command and tried to arm themselves on their own. They found heavy armor in the military warehouses. They also found weapons, developed just before the war started, before the bombings. When the armors had found their owners – men and women who lived to fight, a new formation was born. It has been a couple of years though, before they started calling them the Steel Police. After thirty years the successors of the panzer-soldiers ...

Portal Games announces Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Steel Police

Portal Games announces Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Steel Police The latest army for Neuroshima Hex 3.0 offers a new tactic: reflection. Gliwice, Poland – August 10th, 2015. Today, Portal Games announced Steel Police, the latest army pack for the Neuroshima Hex 3.0 line from designer Michał Oracz. The Steel Police are the third army pack released this year, following Uranopolis and Mississippi. The Steel Police are a gang of law and order fanatics, wandering the wasteland in pre-war power armor ready to impose justice on anyone the program identifies as a threat or crime. Their technology allows them to deflect enemy attacks and lock down opposing forces in impenetrable steel nets. The pre-war machinery wielded by the Steel Police is not only extremely powerful, ...


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