Portal Games Announces Exciting Releases at Essen Spiel: New Edition of Resurgence and “Desert Tribes” Expansion for Neuroshima Hex.

Gliwice, Poland – May 1st, 2024 – Portal Games is thrilled to announce two releases at the upcoming Essen Spiel fair this October. Fans of the strategic board game Neuroshima Hex can look forward to the “Desert Tribes” expansion, the 18th in the series. Additionally, the highly anticipated new edition of the acclaimed game Resurgence will also make its debut, following its successful original version on Kickstarter and the receipt of the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

About “Desert Tribes” Expansion

The “Desert Tribes” introduces a new faction adept at survival in the harsh wasteland environments of the Neuroshima universe. This expansion adds a fresh tactical layer with innovative mechanics such as “Hide” and “Ambush,” enhancing gameplay unpredictability and strategic depth. “Desert Tribes” will premiere in Poland this September and will be available internationally in English at Essen Spiel.

New Edition of Resurgence

The new edition of Resurgence offers a rewritten rulebook, and stunning new cover art. Set in an alternate 20th-century timeline post-nuclear setting of Neuroshima, the game challenges players to gather resources, rescue survivors, and rebuild society. The game was designed by Ukrainian designer Stan Kordonskiy, known well from his other titles like Endless Winter, or Lockup: A Roll Player Tale! This edition incorporates small balance tweaks and enhancements for improved clarity and accessibility, making it ideal for both new players and returning fans. The new edition of Resurgence will be available for the first time at Essen Spiel, with subsequent availability in game stores worldwide.

About Portal Games

Portal Games is a renowned publisher in the board game industry, known for creating engaging and innovative games that challenge the mind and bring people together, with Robinson Crusoe, Detective, and Imperial Settlers being the most popular.

For More Information

To learn more about “Desert Tribes,” the new edition of Resurgence, and other Portal Games products, please visit our website at Portal Games Website. Review copies and media kits are available upon request.


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