Japanese Islands

Let’s welcome brave and resourceful sailors from the distant islands where the sun is rising! They’re here to trade high-quality goods and enrich their own ports with exotic merchandise. But most importantly, they’re here to gain glory and honor by discovering new islands. You might have passed their ships on the open seas before, as they have reached even the furthest and most chilling waters. So be open-minded and become their trade partner, or go for it and sink all their ships to loot high-quality goods!

Empires of the North: Japanese Islands is an expansion, that adds 2 new Japanese Clans and 14 new islands to the base game.

Saikoro Clan gathered the best traders and sailed off to freezing lands of the North to make great deals with foreign civilizations! They are expert negotiators – they can use their neighbors’ buildings and trade resources with them to gain some favors.

Umineko Clan always seems to be working in ports. They are hardworking people managing goods delivered from faraway lands. Their boxes are filled with exotic spices and fabrics. They trade them through different channels and store them in warehouses, waiting for the right moment to make the best deal. The Clan introduces new game mechanics of Storage, Docking and Transport.




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