PROMO: Terrain tiles

This awesome Neuroshima HEX! 3.0 mini-expansion includes:

  • JUNGLE – During a Ranged attack, treat a Jungle hex as it was occupied by an enemy unit. Any Jungle hex (with or without a unit) blocks the line of fire – it’s the last hex that you can target with a Ranged attack.
    The Sniper attack, Gauss Cannon, Mortar, and Bomb can ignore the Jungle as an obstacle – their effects do not change.
  • MISTY SWAMPS – When playing a Move Instant Action tile or when using the Mobility feature, a unit on the Misty Swamps tile can perform a special Move. This Move allows you to transfer that unit to any unoccupied Misty Swamps hex on the board.
  • HILLS – +1 Toughness to all units on Hills hexes (when a unit receives a wound, it is not destroyed – place a wound token on that unit instead). If a unit moves to a hex other than the Hills, it immediately loses 1 Toughness point (and dies if it was alive only thanks to this single Toughness point). This does not affect HQs.
    Additionally, treat a Ranged attack performed by a unit on the Hills as a Sniper attack. Exception: the Mortar still attacks units 2 hexes away.
  • MOUNTAINS – This hex is inaccessible to units. Moving or pushing units to a Mountains hex is forbidden. Additionally, Mountains ENTIRELY block the line of fire – the Sniper attack, Gauss Cannon, and Mortar cannot aim at units behind the Mountains hex. You cannot use a Bomb on the Mountains hex.
  • Rules booklet

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Terrain tiles:

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Terrain tiles

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