Thorgal: Update #45 – April Update

Dear backers,

In the last update I provided in February, I mentioned that “Most of the components were accepted, but some of them had to be slightly modified.” We requested the manufacturer to prepare the next set of PPCs (Pre-production Copies) of the game so that we could verify the changes they had made. While the changes were not extensive, they were crucial for the quality and durability of the components. For instance, the Book of Tales arrived slightly damaged, prompting us to request a replacement plastic insert from the manufacturer.

When we received the latest batch of PPCs, we were hopeful that it would be a straightforward process. Our plan was to count the pieces and ensure that everything was in the correct language version before accepting the PPCs. However, it became apparent that despite the implementation of the changes we had requested, the PPCs still did not meet our expectations (i.e., they were still not up to the standard we promised during the campaign). Let’s delve into the details – for example, the arrow on the Character board was too large. Although we had asked the manufacturer to reduce its size to better fit the board, the arrow was provided separately in the game box instead of being integrated with the board from the outset. While this may not seem like a significant issue, we are committed to delivering a product that is not just “okay,” but rather perfect. We have requested the manufacturer to address all the issues we have identified, and we are currently awaiting their proposed solutions and timeline.

As mentioned previously, the language-independent components have already been produced, and the language-dependent components have been approved by us, our partners, and the manufacturer. However, we still need to refine their quality.

I understand that the most pressing question for you is when you will receive the games. At this moment, I do not have a definitive answer. We are in regular communication with the manufacturer, and we are eager to dispatch the games to you as soon as possible. I anticipate having more concrete information for you by the end of the month.

Jan Maurycy
Portal Games Team

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