Barbarian Hordes expansion

What is happening, where did they come from? They’re hiding along your borders, worshiping strange gods, having bizarre festivals, and no one understands a single word they’re saying. They’re full of curiosity, and they’re not the most seaworthy—but their rafts and their rage keep them afloat. They’re so different, you better protect those precious resources! They’ve always been around, no matter how much you’ve tried to ignore them. But now it’s finally time the Barbarians make themselves known to the Empires of the North!

Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North—Barbarian Hordes is an expansion that allows you to take on the role of 2 Clan leaders that belong to a new Faction—the Barbarians! Joanna Kijanka, the author of the latest expansion introduces you to the world of uncouth Barbarians who rule by their own laws. This is her second independent expansion to the game, after the Roman Banners and the Japanese Island with which she cooperated with Ignacy Trzewiczek. This expansion works well with both previous ones: you can find explanations how to combine specific cards from them in the rulebook. 

In a box you’ll find two decks of Bouddica and Urvart Clans cards: 33 cards each. There are also additional Island Cards and Ship tokens including Raft tokens for Boudicca, as well as the Ambush tokens for Urvart.

Urvart Clan 

Urvart has his spies in all corners ofthe world. You ask why? These sneaky Barbarians are everywhere, stealing the knowledge of other nations for their own means. Are they hiding among your village unseen, trying to figure out how you make your most famous Ale, or learning the intricacies of ice cream production…? How dare they be so dubious and then return home to spread their findings among their people… Outrageous!

  • Playing Urvart Clan allows you to place special Ambush tokens with skulls on opponent’s cards which let you to acquire the resources from the general supply when your opponent uses them.
  • Some Urvart cards allows you to reveal an Island, some of them let you to exhaust fields to Explore or Populate. Most of their cards needs meeples (as spies obviously), they are in constant search of new territories—some of the abilties reveal more Islands to conquer for everybody, but rewarding Urtvart player for finding them first. There’s a bunch of 33 Urvart Clan cards, discover all of them!

Boudicca Clan

Boudicca has a simple plan—build as many boats as possible and then take what she needs. She discovered that the waters were loaded with plenty of resources, good sails, and no security. Why bother with growing crops? Just find them on the open seas! The hardest part, aside from the seas,was the decision to comfortably pluck the plunder from nearby ships, or to travel farther and discover an even more valuable commodity… 

  • Boudicca starts with one ship and two rafts which can be used to Pillage Nearby Islands.
  • All of the fields with a pumpkin require to spend a raft or a ship in order to Harvest from them. Harvest action in her case is a bit similar to pillaging: you need to spend a raft or a boat to resolve it, but at the same time you can build more of them!
Now you can challenge yourself raiding the United Kingdom. Solo scenario for Barbarian Hordes is now available!


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