PROMO: The Dreadful Adventure on King Kong Island

This awesome Robinson Crusoe scenario takes you on King Kong Island to survive a dreadful adventure! You are with a group of Hollywood filmmakers who want to make a movie about a gigantic ape that lives on an unexplored island. Unfortunately, this task turns out to be more difficult than originally thought, and members of the film crew begin to die. Trap great beast, take special Hunting Action and ensure the actress and director escape the island unharmed! Can you protect the crew, film the beast, and survive the “Dreadful Adventure on King Kong Island”?

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“King Kong” Scenario:

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Robinson Crusoe King Kong Scenario

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  1. DoOver 2018-01-31 | Reply

    I just bought 2nd edition…isn’t this scenario the same one included in the second edition?

    • Portal Games 2018-02-01 | Reply

      There is only one Robinson Crusoe King Kong Scenario and if it is included in your second edition box, than it is the same one as this promo.

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