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This great Robinson Crusoe mini-expansion includes seven new Event Cards, such as A Night-Time Surprise, Torrential Rain, A Quiet Night, Traces of the Old Dwellers, Deluge, Prostration and Squawking Birds.

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Event Cards:

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Event Cards

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    • portal 2017-09-01 | Reply

      Unfortunately for now we are out of stock with certain elements of this set, mainly secret traits cards, so it is unavailable. As soon, as we restock, we will make Ready For Anything available again, but for now we cannot confirm, when it would happen. We will announce it, however, so it would be hard to miss.

      • Keithustus 2017-09-01 | Reply

        I do not want Ready for Everything; I just want to buy the extra event cards. Will you post them at this same link when you have more? Also, I’ve subscribed to your email newsletter, as I don’t use Twitter or Facebook. Will the availability of promo cards like this be in your email newsletter?

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