Thorgal: Update #41 – Christmas update

Dear backers, We promised to provide monthly updates, but December has been a relatively quiet month regarding production progress. The manufacturing of non-paper components continues steadily. We have reviewed the latest print of the miniatures, and they are exceptionally solid, durable, and visually captivating. Additionally, the production of dice and

Basilica – photo gallery

Who came up with the thought of two architects designing the same basilica? That’s how it ends when you have a dispute with a bishop, but you don’t want to attack the Church… By the way, it turned into a small competition.


We are bookworms. Movie maniacs. Story addicts. We grew up reading Tolkien, Howard, Herbert, Dick, Lem… We were watching Willow, Blade Runner, Never Ending Story, Robin Hood…

And yet, we don’t write books… we don’t make movies. We don’t make those things, because we make games. We make games that tell stories.