Brazil: Imperial – presentation of Action Arches

In Brazil: Imperial we will be developing our empire and fulfilling our goals. We will accomplish them by performing one of the seven actions available in the game. In the next turn, we will have to choose another action by moving our marker. What type of action can we choose?

Deploy: Pay the cost shown below a Military Unit to deploy it onto the map, then draw a Combat card. If you wish, you can simply draw a Combat card for free without deploying a Unit. To deploy a Military Unit, move it from your Player board and place it on one of your Cities or Capital on the map. An Imperial Laurel will be revealed when deploying a Military Unit for the first time, indicating how many Victory Points you will earn at the end of the game.

Painting: Acquire one of the available Painting cards, paying its cost if present. Place your newly purchased card face up next to your Player board. This Painting’s abilities are yours to use for the rest of the game.

Build: Add an available Building or City to your Empire by paying its required cost. Verify its terrain requirements.

Renovate: Renovate a Building that does not have Resources or Assets on it.

Manufacture: Choose one of the Products available on your Player board and pay the cost printed below it. Place the chosen Product on a similarly shaped upgrade slot of an Action Arch. Now when you place your Action token on that Arch, you will also receive the indicated bonus.

Harbor: Take one Resource from the general supply and place it into your personal supply. Remember that your supply only has space for up to 5 items (Resources and/or Assets).

Trade: Here a player can exchange Resources and Combat cards for Assets and Gold cards. You may choose and repeat as many trades as desired, but keep your storage capacity in mind!

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