SATURDAY READ: Mini campaign to Eleven!

Since your departure from Newbie FC, the club has encountered significant financial turmoil. It was compelled to relinquish ownership of the stadium to the town authorities, further exacerbated by a shift in town management during the recent election. Now, there’s a looming prospect of the stadium being sold to a major investor with intentions to demolish it and replace it with housing – a development that would spell the end for the club. After enjoying a long and fruitful career managing various clubs, you’ve resolved to return to your initial passion. You feel an unwavering determination to rescue the club from its dire straits.

Exactly one year ago, at Essen SPIEL 2022, Portal Games unveiled “Eleven,” a board game that puts players in the shoes of a football manager. This October marks the anniversary of its release, and we believe there’s no better way to celebrate than by presenting a special gift to our dedicated fans.

We approached Thomas Jensen, the mastermind behind Eleven, with a request for a small token of appreciation for our fans and a bespoke scenario.

Thomas enthusiastically accepted the challenge.

A few weeks later, he delivered not just one, but three scenarios. “It’s a mini campaign,” he said.

We couldn’t help but grin.


The narrative of your return to your former club in a bid to salvage it is nothing short of astonishing. Once again, Thomas has demonstrated his prowess as a designer deeply passionate about board games that tell stories. In this three-part mini-campaign, you’re tasked not only with managing the team and securing victories on the field, but also with seeking out sponsors, cutting costs, and meticulously saving every available penny for the club. These efforts are crucial in order for the club to outbid the investor and reclaim ownership of the stadium!

At each round in the initial scenario, the player faces the pivotal decision of whether to allocate funds towards savings, thus advancing along the Special Savings Track. As the campaign progresses, the second scenario not only pits you against rival teams on the pitch, but also against the formidable investor in the fierce battle for the club’s stadium. A substantial financial reserve is imperative to preserve the stadium!


The campaign will be available for complimentary download on our website throughout the duration of the Essen SPIEL fair. Alternatively, for those who prefer a tangible copy, it can be purchased and seamlessly integrated into your existing set of Eleven. Click here to download bonuses!

On behalf of Thomas and the entire development team, I extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support of the game. Happy anniversary! Enjoy the experience!

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