We’re excited to share some wonderful updates!

Dear Fans, we’re excited to share some wonderful updates!

Robinson Crusoe Collectors Edition EN Delivery: First off, I am thrilled to announce that the English edition of “Robinson Crusoe” has been successfully delivered to many of you. The process has been smooth, and your responses on social media have been awesome. A huge thank you to each and every one of you for your support!

RC: Book of Adventures Expansion: Similarly, the “Robinson Crusoe: Book of Adventures” expansion has reached many of our fans as well. We’re happy to see you are playing new scenarios already!

Thorgal the board game Update: In other news, we’ve received another production sample of “Thorgal: the Board Game.” Upon review, we’ve identified a few areas that need corrections. We’re in close contact with the manufacturer to address these issues and ensure the final product meets our high standards of quality.

Printing Press Release: Mark your calendars for March 20th! This is the street date for our first release of this year! You can already find a ton of materials about the game on our website. We also published trailer for the game on our YouTube channel! For those who like to plan ahead, pre-orders are now open! Pre-order here!

Valentine’s Scenario for Imperial Miners: In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’ve released a special scenario for “Imperial Miners.” You can download this scenario for free from our website. Download here.

Robinson Crusoe App Release: We’re also excited to announce the release of the “Robinson Crusoe” app, which includes new adventure and event cards to enhance your gameplay. This digital companion is available for free to play with regular cards, and also the app offers you for free one of the additional booster packs with cards!. Download the app here.

Imperial Miners in Serbia: Last but certainly not least, we’re proud to announce that “Imperial Miners” will now be available in Serbia, marking the 13th language edition of the game!

We’re incredibly grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm for our games. It’s your passion that drives us to create, improve, and expand our gaming worlds. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, happy gaming!

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