Gameplay bonus added to the game!

Gameplay bonus added to the game! Update #17 Hi there,  It’s Thursday, and we have another few updates before the start of the weekend.      Thank you for the ideas for stickers! Thank you for all the comments with #stickers hashtag. The community suggested a ton of ideas for

Removable tray – is that possible?

Removable tray – is that possible? Update #16 Hello, hello! How are you, folks! Are you ready for another update about the campaign?     Removable tray Many of you asked if the plastic insert will have a removable tray for pieces to help you with the game setup. We

The last week of campaign!

The last week of campaign! Update #15 Hi, there! When I write this Update, we are really close to the 1.500.000 USD milestone! Thank you for the support, and we hope all the upcoming updates and unlocks will put smiles on your face and you will be happy to be

We ask you to vote!

We ask you to vote! Update #13 Hi, there Happy Easter! As promised, during the Easter Holiday we will be back to you with shorter Updates.       New scenario presented On Saturday we streamed brand new scenario for Robinson called Pearl Diving. It was awesome, we had more


We are bookworms. Movie maniacs. Story addicts. We grew up reading Tolkien, Howard, Herbert, Dick, Lem… We were watching Willow, Blade Runner, Never Ending Story, Robin Hood…

And yet, we don’t write books… we don’t make movies. We don’t make those things, because we make games. We make games that tell stories.

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