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First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet


Minor First Martians App bug

We have encountered a small bug while working on the First Martians companion app. While setting up the Landing mission, there should be a text prompt asking you to put randomly four spare parts on the map – two in the first Ring, and two in the second Ring. Each of them represents 4 spare parts of that type. As you are able to see, those parts are visible on the visual representation of the board, while there was no text prompt. We are working on the update to fix that problem – for now, please remember to add those parts during the set-up.

First Martians PC App is being updated to version 1.25

First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet is being updated to version 1.25 on PC platform! There is NO auto-update feature for PC version – download it manually here: https://rebrand.ly/FM-PCapp This is a multiple language version – the app supports English, Polish, Czech, and Italian!

BLOG: Fan content explained

BLOG: Fan content explained
An interesting thing happened and I think it deserves a short article so I can share my thoughts on the topic. I was contacted by Dave Lartigue, who started a thread at Board Game Geek about fan-created events in the First Martians. He wrote: “Is there a way to prevent the fan-created events from coming up in the app? I have only played a few times but each time one has come up, I found it to be poorly worded, poorly written (as in, it looks like it came directly from whoever submitted it with no editing), and seemingly not well balanced, mechanically or thematically.” As for the first part — the one about poorly worded, poorly written — this is totally for me, I was personally editing them and apparently, I did a terrible job. It will get fixed asap. Totally my bad. As for the second part — it is interesting. Dave states that they are not well ...

CONTEST WINNERS: Living board game #3 – First Martians Adventures!

CONTEST WINNERS: Living board game #3 – First Martians Adventures!
Hello there explorers! The contest has ended and we are ready to choose the winner! In fact, we are very happy with all your entries and you should all feel proud, because those are all great ideas. However the winner, who will get a set of Portal Games promos of their choice worth 50 USD total, is: … Jasper Leuven (JasperL) who created an Adventure titled: Martian’s geological past Congratulations! And as we have stated, there are many more great entries… so we have decided to create a second place prize. We would like to give additional awards ex aequo to: Iain (Gribbon) for Relic of a previous generation Thayne Weston (negmon) for A Little Fun Kevin Fitzgerald (Jamman39) for Double Eclipse and Tiny Deadly Stuff Mateusz Korzeniecki (ushu) za TO TYLKO MAŁY KAMYK Corey ...

CONTEST: Living board game #3 – February edition – First Martians Adventures!

CONTEST: Living board game #3 – February edition – First Martians Adventures!
Greetings, First Martians! We have a cool contest for you – create an Adventure for the Explore Deck and win promos worth 50 USD! But first, a little backstory. Launching the Falcon Heavy Rocket and sending a car into space is a pretty neat feat, huh? Elon Musk is calling for a new space race. Space races are about exploration, going boldly where no one has ever gone before! Therefore we have a new contest for you, similar to the previous ones. We have asked you for the new event and adventure ideas for the First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet! Winners had their ideas put into the companion app along with proper credits, some even won ROI Tiles promo! Contest #1: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1816006/living-board-game-1-julyaugust-edition Contest #2: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1878259/contest-living-board-game-2-november-edition In contest #3 we ...


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