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First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet


First Martians App is being updated to version 1.10

First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet is being updated to version 1.10 on all platforms! There is NO auto-update feature for PC version yet, so you need to download it every time manually, however newest version is always available via the same link. PC version is up to date and mobile versions will soon follow: Google Play (Android) – http://bit.ly/2sEseHV App Store (iOS) – http://apple.co/2tHGPCd PC (Windows) – http://bit.ly/FMappPC App instruction PDF

First Martians Early Launch Event is LIVE!

The PC version of the First Martians Companion App is updated to 1.08 – download here! Your Android version should update itself today and iOS version should follow soon! We have also added Removal Mission rules – download here! We have also published First Martians Almanac – download here! Go to our First Martians Early Launch Event page for more details, contest rules, livestream and special Removal mission videos! Livestream is also live:

First Martians Early Launch Event News

First Martians Early Launch Event News
Greetings First Martians! We are happy to announce, that September 20th is the beginning of the new era – space exploration was never so close and within your grasp. Portal Games would like to present Early Launch Kit for the First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet – game about science and exploration. We have an amazing amount of Early Launch events and bonus content, to enhance your experience and celebrate release of the game! What we have planned? New Events App Update Digital Rules Almanach YouTube Livestream Removal – New 7th Mission presentation of theme and rules Removal – New 7th Mission set up instructions Removal – New 7th Mission playthrough of two first rounds Removal – New 7th Mission tutorial variant Contest Please check it all out tomorrow!

Portal Games Informant #28

Portal Games Informant #28
In the last episode of Portal Games Informant we promised, we will show you First Martians app from inside, from our perspective. So have fun! 🙂


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