CONTEST: Living board game #2 – November edition – First Martians Adventure!

Hello! First Martians! We have a cool contest for you – create an Adventure for the Research Deck and win Extra ROI tiles promo!

The rules are simple – create your own Adventure for the Research Deck. Use science tropes or go crazy, make it fit the story behind First Martians and your event may even end up in the companion app! You have time until November 10 to post your ideas and we will judge them and choose the winner until the end of the month.

This is you unique opportunity, to co-create content for the First Martians board game!

Post your Adventures in the comment (Only one Adventure per comment!) section down below in the following format:

  • Title
  • Fluff
  • Rule
  • Future consequence

(we leave ourselves right to change events for balance issues).

Thank you for your submissions! We are in the review process and we will choose the winning event soon!


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