First Martians: Epidemic – new scenario!

First Martians had their official release a while ago, but we are still working on new, free content for the game and constantly improving the companion app. And since we are few days away from holidays, we thought that this is a perfect occasion to give you all, fans of the Adventures on the Red Planet, a great gift: completely new, completely free scenario – just as we promised!


There is an outbreak in the HUB! Run for your lives! But where? First test indicate, that there is something wrong with the water – a key component for survival on Mars. Your astronauts are lucky though – they are prepare for everything. They have their science and skills. They will go to the lab and perform necessary diagnosis to fight the spreading disease. Epidemic is a Research Scenario. That is a piece of fun and through science, where you fight for your lives!

Download here the Epidemic Scenario PDF!

App update

Along with the new scenario there comes an app update, to the 1.19 version. It adds new features, such as an option to choose who is the first player. There are also new Adventures from the Research Category! They are thematically appropriate with the new scenario. Those Adventures were created by the BGG forum users and chosen by Ignacy as the best! Congratulations to all winners! Enjoy!

The app on Android and iOS should be updated already or update soon.

You can download the PC version of the app here.


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