CONTEST: Living board game #3 – February edition – First Martians Adventures!

Greetings, First Martians! We have a cool contest for you – create an Adventure for the Explore Deck and win promos worth 50 USD!

But first, a little backstory. Launching the Falcon Heavy Rocket and sending a car into space is a pretty neat feat, huh? Elon Musk is calling for a new space race. Space races are about exploration, going boldly where no one has ever gone before! Therefore we have a new contest for you, similar to the previous ones. We have asked you for the new event and adventure ideas for the First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet! Winners had their ideas put into the companion app along with proper credits, some even won ROI Tiles promo!

Contest #1:

Contest #2:

In contest #3 we would like to hear your ideas for Explore adventure deck! Let your imagination go wild and shoot for the stars! Brainstorm ideas with your friends, play First Martians and test them during your gameplay and let us know, what you come up with!
Put all your ideas in the comment thread on Board Game Geek forum. You have time until the end of the month (till February 28, 2018).
We will choose the best adventures and include them in the game. Additionally, the winners will get a set of Portal Games promos of their choice worth 50 USD total!

This is your unique opportunity, to co-create content for the First Martians board game! Post your Adventures in the comment section of this BGG thread:!


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