CONTEST WINNERS: Living board game #3 – First Martians Adventures!

Hello there explorers! The contest has ended and we are ready to choose the winner!

In fact, we are very happy with all your entries and you should all feel proud, because those are all great ideas. However the winner, who will get a set of Portal Games promos of their choice worth 50 USD total, is:

Jasper Leuven (JasperL) who created an Adventure titled: Martian’s geological past


And as we have stated, there are many more great entries… so we have decided to create a second place prize. We would like to give additional awards ex aequo to:

  • Iain (Gribbon) for Relic of a previous generation
  • Thayne Weston (negmon) for A Little Fun
  • Kevin Fitzgerald (Jamman39) for Double Eclipse and Tiny Deadly Stuff
  • Mateusz Korzeniecki (ushu) za TO TYLKO MAŁY KAMYK
  • Corey Mayo (cmmayo) for SEND MORE CHUCK BERRY
  • Tim Builer (tbuiler) for The Beagle Has Landed
  • Pawel Kubisiak (KubisPL) for/za Unexpected surface/Niespodziewana powierzchnia, Pedal to the metal/Gaz do dechy and Mountain climbing/Wspinaczka górska
  • M K (kosmosmk) za Kompleks jaskiń

Congratulations! All of you will get a promo for First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet!

And, what is more important, all the above Adventures will eventually be available in the First Martians Companion App (after some final polishing touches made by Ignacy)!

More details about the contest you will find here, on the BGG thread:

Thank you all for taking part in the contest! See you around next time!


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