SATURDAY READ: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Partisans: A New Tactical Dimension to Neuroshima Hex!

Greetings, Neuroshima Hex fans! Prepare to delve into the latest expansion of our beloved game – “Partisans.” This expansion introduces a faction that redefines tactical gameplay, bringing new strategies and surprises to your battlefields. Last week we discussed the lore behind the army, today we focus on the gameplay. Let’s explore what makes the Partisans a formidable addition to your Neuroshima Hex experience!

The Art of Deception with Traps

The Partisans bring a unique twist to Neuroshima Hex with their use of traps. This new mechanism represents clever devices they use in the battlefields. Once placed, remain a mystery to your opponent until triggered. From demolishing enemy units to causing chaos with friendly fire, the traps add an intriguing layer of strategy and suspense to each game. Dominance on the board is a hallmark of the Partisans. Through early and smart placement of traps, they can control the battlefield, dictating the flow of the game. If you like bluff in games and surprising your opponents, you’ll love traps!

Exploring the Arsenal: The Diverse Traps of the Partisans

Players must not only consider where and when to place traps but also anticipate and adapt to the traps set by their opponents. Let’s discuss what type of Traps you can add to the battlefield!

Destruction Trap: This devastating trap, when activated, destroys enemy unit. It’s perfect for disrupting enemy formations and taking out key targets.

Rotation Trap: The Rotation Trap, once triggered, rotates enemy unit. This can be a game-changer by misaligning enemy attacks and defenses, turning their strategies against them.

Drill Trap: when activated, sends an enemy unit to another vacant field on the board. It can be used strategically to break enemy lines or push units into unfavorable positions.

Friendly Fire Trap: Perhaps the most cunning of all, this trap causes enemy unit to attack its alies. It’s an excellent way to turn the tide by using the enemy’s strength against them.

Net Trap: The Net Trap immobilizes enemy unit, preventing it from taking part in the next battle. This can be crucial for controlling the board and mitigating threats.

Tactical Flexibility with the TACTICS Token

There are 4 of the TACTICS tokens in the army. This token is a game-changer for the Partisans. It grants the power to adapt strategies on the fly, whether it’s pushing enemy units or strategically placing a trap. This flexibility is key to mastering the Partisans’ gameplay.

The Introduction of Implants

Implants are a novel unit type introduced in this expansion (to be precise, they were introduced a years ago by Mephisto army, years ago, and never used again in new armies)!. They allow players to execute specific actions depicted on the tile, adding another layer of depth to your strategic planning – in the case of Partisans it is the Bunker Manager. This implant allows player to turn their HQ tile. Why would they do that? Partisans HQ tile can throw traps in one direction. By turning it you can throw them in various spots on the board!


The Partisans expansion for Neuroshima Hex is not just an addition; it’s a reinvention of the game’s tactical landscape. With its unique traps, diverse units, and strategic flexibility, it promises to keep even the most experienced players on their toes. So, gather your armies and prepare to embrace the new tactics and challenges that the Partisans bring to the world of Neuroshima Hex!

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