SATURDAY READ: Who are the Partisans?

First army pack – an expansion for the Neuroshima Hex featuring a new army – was released in 2012. For the next decade, Portal Games released a new army every year. In recent years, we combined this with celebrating Moloch’s Day – every year on September 5th, we commemorate the Moloch attack described in the game manual and prepare attractions for fans, as well as release a new army.

In 2023, we decided to do something new, a step in an unknown direction. But before we talk about the new step, let’s discuss the Neuroshima Hex app!

Neuroshima Hex app

Neuroshima Hex is not only one of our bestsellers, a board game we have been regularly reprinting since its premiere in 2005, but it’s also the name of the app – Neuroshima Hex app, which was one of the first ever adaptations of a board game for iPads in 2010.

The app has been developed over all these years, and there is now a completely new version on the market. The development of the application has always mirrored what was happening with the Neuroshima Hex game line. New additions to the physical version were promptly incorporated into the application. The app was an electronic version of the board game. That’s it, and nothing more.

New armies

And now it’s time for a new step! We regularly receive prototypes of armies for Neuroshima Hex from the authors. Since our publishing plan has been the same for years – one new army every Moloch’s Day – most of these prototypes had to be sadly rejected.

This year, we decided to change that.

Not only did we pass on to release the brilliant Merchants Guild army by Joanna Kijanka, but we also selected the best from the other submitted armies – the Partisans by Artur Pawłowski and Marcin Zapart, and directed it for release within the Neuroshima Hex app.

Who are the Partisans?

They say the doctor is humanity’s last hope. And that no one knows Moloch as well as he does. When he’s not fighting Moloch in the minds, he dedicates all his energy to controlling the Partisan network and inventing new types of weapons and tactics. The doctor’s headquarters are hidden deep underground, in a bunker, and the coordinates are unknown. Even if someone stumbles into the vicinity by sheer chance, they won’t gain access to the complex. Guards, artillery, mines, and traps – dozens of different defenses protect the passage from humans and machines.

This is the first time an exclusive material will appear in the app, something that has never been in the physical version before. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from players discovering this new army!

Author: Ignacy Trzewiczek

Meet the Neuroshima Hex App on the App Store and Google Play.


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  1. Ben 2023-10-31 | Reply

    Any release dates for those ?

    Looking forward to play with them 😀

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