SATURDAY READ: The Partisans of Doctor Alluvach

On November 27th, the premiere of the latest army for the game Neuroshima Hex – the Partisans – will take place. This army is extraordinary for several reasons – firstly, it is the first army for Neuroshima Hex that is released only in the application as exclusive content. Secondly, it has completely new mechanical solutions, unprecedented in Neuroshima Hex, which, thanks to the capabilities of the application, have been introduced into the game (we will write about them in the next article). Thirdly, the Partisans are unique due to their theme – it is an army ripped straight from the rulebook of the Neuroshima RPG game, an army described on page 276 of the original book describing the world. It is one of those armies for Neuroshima Hex that is 100% inspired by the original, cult classic RPG handbook. In today’s article, we will delve into the world – here is the original fragment describing this organization!

The Partisans of Doctor Alluvach

Doctor Alluvach is half human, half machine. The human part is a shred of an old man, suspended on steel wires at the ceiling of the room like a spider. The machine is the entire laboratory.

Doctor’s headquarters are hidden deep underground, in a shelter. The coordinates are unknown. It is known that the base is well-protected against intruders, especially from Moloch’s spies.
Even if someone were to blindly wander near, they would not gain access to the complex. They would likely die trying to enter. People, cameras, guns, mines, and traps – dozens of different securities defend the passage against humans and machines.

They say that Doctor Alluvach is humanity’s last hope.

The scientist hardly resembles a human being. Powerful mechanical arms and manipulators operate all electronic devices. Hundreds of computers are under the control of one mind – the mind of a genius. Alluvach is tireless. He dedicates all his energy to controlling the network of partisans. From time to time, as if by the way, he produces or invents a new weapon, some strategic solution – anything that allows to oppose Moloch. For decades, the Doctor and the Beast have been fighting a battle of wits from a distance. No one has known Moloch as well as Alluvach, and Moloch hates no one more than Alluvach. Supposedly, the doctor has already reached the greatest of the Machine’s secrets. But is he strong enough to deliver the decisive blow?

Alluvach’s partisans are surrounded by a devout fear, just like their commander. They operate alone or in small groups. They look like ordinary vagabonds, they do not wear uniforms. Their distinguishing mark is the tattoo of the Doctor on their wrist. They do not rely on heavy rifles or armor. Their main weapon is the infallibility of their commander and precision in executing his orders. The partisans strike surely and quickly, then disappear. Their enemy is always Moloch, and even if they struggle with another opponent, it must have some connection with the action against the Machine.

Alluvach’s soldiers do not get captured alive. Never and nowhere. They are laconic and there is no way to extract information from them. Just as an animal caught in a trap will gnaw off its own limb, so a subdued partisan commits suicide. Do not think that they thoughtlessly squander their lives. They are well aware of their own value. It’s just that sometimes it’s necessary.

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