Portal Games Shop is back in action!

We recently had a New Year’s break in our Online Shop, but we are happy to announce, that we are back in action!

Visit our Online Shop now: http://portalgames.pl/shop/

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  1. Nick Bolton 2018-02-12 | Reply

    I can’t seem to place an order the site doesn’t accept my gmail email address.

    • Nick Bolton 2018-02-12 | Reply

      Managed to place order after logging in to my existing account 🙂

    • Portal Games 2018-02-13 | Reply

      Are you trying to register? Have you tried using a different e-mail? Glad that is solved now!

  2. Luca Mordazzi 2018-01-13 | Reply

    I cannot find on your portal game site where my customers (i am a retailer) can ask for missing parts (i.e customercare)

    can you give me a link or an e-mail address please

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