Portal Games on Gen Con online

Gen Con 2020 in Indianapolis has been moved to online channels: Twitch, YouTube and Discord. Because of the COVID-19 it was impossible to host the convention in traditional way. Portal Games is on Gen Con online as well: let’s see what’s on our schedule!

–During the original dates of the convention (July 30 – Aug 2), we’ll be hosting Gen Con Online, a virtual convention featuring a slate of events and programming you can attend from the safety of your devices and in the comfort of your favorite quarantine sweatpants!–the organizer announced.

Portal Games is on Gen Con this year as well. You can join our special announcements and “learn to play” sessions of Imperial Settlers, Neuroshima Hex 3.0, Monolith Arena, Robinson Crusoe and the latest expansion to Empires of the North: Barbarian Hordes.

Click on schedule below and look for further detailed information about each event.

Watch all Portal Games Gen Con events on our Twitch channel.

Remember about our Discord channel and new games on Tabletopia.

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