Adventure mode in multiplayer mode!

The base game of Imperial Settlers: Roll&Write includes fascinating Adventure mode, the solo variant that consists of 48 different boards to play with. It’s a heaven for every solo player. And it’s a variant that all of you who don’t play solo would love to hack somehow and use in regular games.

Is it possible? For a passionate geek, everything is possible!

Boards, the simple answer
The game comes with a block of 48 unique sheets. Every board in the block is different. To play with more than one player, you need as many of these blocks, as many players! You can buy additional blocks from our website for 5 bucks and change your copy of the game into a multiplayer beast!

Boards, the pnp answer
You print out from Portal Games website special PDF with empty boards. You give each player one of these boards. You put in the middle of the table one chosen Adventure sheet, and everybody copies this sheet onto his empty board. After 5 minutes you guys are ready to play! Enjoy 4 player Adventure variant for free!

Boards, the duel
You take two different Adventure sheets. You play against your opponent. You note down the score. You then erase the sheet, exchange the sheet with your opponent, and play again. You sum up your scores from both games. The winner is the player who got the most out of these two games.

Boards, the campaign
You take Adventure sheets, and each player gets a different one. You play the game, you note the results. Next time you play the game, you give each player a different sheet, you note the results. Play ten games in that manner. See who has the most points after sheet with games marathon. And tell the player who is the last to stop whining and blame bad luck and unbalanced sheets. He couldn’t have the worst board from the set ten times in the row. Or could he…?

Tell us how you play Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write!


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