Important changes to Antares

Due to development work on the Antares database, we would like to inform you of some important changes.

Starting on October 14th the current url address of the Antares database will link to a brand new database. It will require you to set up a completely new account in order to play the games from the Detective line, meaning that the previous progress of your games will no longer be available. The old Antares database will continue to operate up until February 2022, giving you a chance to finish up the cases you have started. The link for the old Antares database will be available on the new Antares database.

The new version of the Antares database will allow you to log in to every database domain from the Detective line using one account. All future games and expansions will only be supported by the new Antares database.

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  1. Tobias Gladh 2021-10-09 | Reply

    So does “up until” February 2022 mean through February, so the 28th of February?
    It would be nice with a longer time period, as covid-19 put quite a dent in our possibility to play cooperative games together, so we now have scenario #1 of Detective started and scenario #1 of Vienna connection started, and that’s a bit tough to manage until February. 🙁

    • Portal Games 2021-11-15 | Reply

      It means Feb 28th.
      We wish you a great time!
      (why would you start the two campaigns at once! 😉

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