Empires of the North Day is here!

I see the sails on the north captain, Empires of the North Day is starting!

2019 was a really happy year for Imperial Settlers fans. At Essen 2019 we showed up with few big titles, but with Pret-a-Porter and Stronghold having Kickstarter support, Empires of the North was the main star of this show. Entire 4 days people were sending workers to get resources, equipped them with cute little axes and razing nearby islands.

Empires of the North is an engine-building game with 6 distinct clans. Each player chooses to lead one to victory, building locations, sending his people to action wheel and raiding islands. The game ends when one of them reaches 25 points, which means that you need to be always vigilant because one right action from the opponent may push him over the mark, leaving you a turn short to fulfil your plan.

So get into your winter clothes and join Vikings, Inuits or Scotts on the route to victory!

check out our FB page today to see what we prepared for today.

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