Detective Pre-order – Last Week Bonus Reveal

Welcome, Detectives!

We have only a few copies left in our pre-order campaign, so welcome in the last week of our pre-order campaign! The offer will end any day now.

Today we reveal 6 Plastic Character IDs, small cool gadget that can replace the standard, cardboard Character Tiles.

Those modern detective badges are going to immerse you in the role of a true investigator. IDs are double sided, with one side containing the Investigator character and the second side containing the Consultant character. Apart from the five standard characters found in the base box, you are also going to get a sixth ID for the additional character listed in the pre-orders bonuses.

Learn more on the official pre-order website:

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game is a fully co-operative, immersive, detective experience. This is a game of wits and deduction, a full game night experience – a single game session can last up to 3 or more hours. It is also rules-light, meaning, that the most powerful tool at your disposal is your team, your imagination, and your own mind.

In this challenging, story-driven game for 1-5 players, you will play as group of Antares National Investigation Agency members. You are going to tackle five different cases and solve them in order. Each of them affecting the next. Together they will form a campaign that will put your skills to the test.

If you are looking for a modern detective simulator, this is the game for you.


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