“It’s indeed a deduction game, but it’s a very unique beast.” – AI Space Puzzle

I am sucker for deduction games. I love Turing Machine. I love The Search for Planet X. I love Cryptid, ArcheOlogic and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve played Infiltraitors. Oh, yeah, I am sucker for a good deduction game.

AI Space Puzzle is nothing like that! It’s indeed a deduction game, but it’s a very unique beast.

photo: Dama Gier

I remember coming to our board game club, and Simon calling me to join him at the table because he has this new deduction game and he knows I am gonna love it.

We played. It was not a deduction game I expected, but boy, I enjoyed it! The code to crack, the whole deduction I had to make was the message presented to us by one of the players. He sent us a message, the rest of us tried to decode it.

During the game AI is actually creating a language and we, the rest of the players, are trying to understand what the AI is talking about and what these symbols and tokens mean!

Freakin’ brilliant.

I contacted the publisher. Secured English rights. Became a proud publisher of the game.

AI Space Puzzle is a game in which one player takes the role of AI that has a serious malfunction. AI tries to communicate with the rest of the players – Astronauts and tell them that the ship needs repair – but due to the malfunction, the communication is limited.

That’s where the fun begins. Depending on the scenario (40 unique scenarios!) AI has only a few weird tokens to create message. The rest of the players have only a few rounds to figure out the message and fix the ship.

It is not a deduction game I expected, but boy, I love the game.

Author: Ignacy Trzewiczek

Pre-order: https://shopportalgames.com/products/ai-space-puzzle

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