51st State reprint hitting stores soon!

51st State Master Set and 51st State Master Set: Scavengers reprint will hit stores soon!

Be ready to fight on the Neuroshima wasteland! The reprint should be available as early, as March 7th! You will have a chance to grab both the base game and the expansion, and be fully prepared for the upcoming new expansion – Allies!

More details here:

51st State: Master Set

51st State Master Set: Scavengers

51st State Master Set: Cards set promo

51st State Master Set: Three cities promo

51st State Master Set: Additional Factions promo

51st State Master Set: Allies

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  1. Rebecca Ireland 2019-04-20 | Reply

    Hi, is this available yet? I would love a copy. I’m in the UK. Thanks.

  2. Rebecca 2019-03-23 | Reply

    Has this been released yet? We can’t find it at our game stores!

    • Portal Games 2019-03-25 | Reply

      The release date varies, deepening on a region. For North America it may be available within a month. Please go to our new website PortalGamesUS.com , the details are going to be posted there.

  3. Marvin 2019-03-08 | Reply

    Sooo new reprint means I can request missing parts my copy has?

    • Portal Games 2019-03-11 | Reply

      Well yes, but you could have done that regardless of the reprint. Unless we have run out of the particular replacement part in our warehouse and our Customer Service informed you so. Please contact us through this form https://portalgames.pl/en/customer-service/ and let us send you what you need.

  4. Anotsu 2019-03-03 | Reply

    I dream on a campaign mode like Settlers, for this game…
    Anything planned? 🙂

    • Portal Games 2019-03-04 | Reply

      For now we are only working on a release of the new expansion: Allies.

  5. Anotsu 2019-03-03 | Reply

    This game is a masterpiece. My favorite game!

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