First Martians is a very ambitious project and we work very hard to give you best experience possible. Today, and for the weekend to try it put and have fun with, we present you First Martians Personal Character Card Generator!


Rules are simple – upload photo, type your name, choose your class and click DOWNLOAD to acquire one of two files. First ready to print and have on you and second perfect for Facebook posting, avatars and so on. Please share it with us on our FB page: our use it as your FB profile photo!


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  1. Ivan Conrad 2017-07-28 | Reply

    Can I make a request, could there please be a version of this that’s just the left side with the picture. That way we could just print that part out instead of the whole card and put it over any picture on any of the 4 cards. Would also save paper.


    • portal 2017-07-31 | Reply

      But there is! If you press “Download Photo” button, you will download left side of the card with picture only.

  2. Josh 2017-07-14 | Reply

    Could someone with a physical copy of the game please measure and post the actual dimensions of the ID Boards included with the game? When I try to print my custom ID badge, the image fills the entire page! I don’t own the game, but I will be playing it with some friends later and I would like to make some custom ID badges.

    • Oli 2017-07-24 | Reply

      Dimensions of the ID Board: 14.4 cm x 7.8

  3. Scott Duncan 2017-07-11 | Reply

    Where do the cards download to? Not in the system or my personal download folder nor on my desktop.

    • portal 2017-07-12 | Reply

      You should be able to choose destination folder, just like when you download any other file.

      • Scott Duncan 2017-07-13 | Reply

        No dialog comes up. I’m on Windows 10 with IE 11.

        • Scott Duncan 2017-07-15 |

          Worked okay when I used Edge rather than IE 11.

  4. Matthew Burgess 2017-07-09 | Reply

    :-/ Couldn’t get it to work. When it downloaded, it would only download the top half of the whole thing

  5. Ken Harris 2017-07-09 | Reply

    I ordered first martians when will it ship?

    • portal 2017-07-10 | Reply

      They are being shipped everyday since last week – it will take some time before they reach everybody, but it is all in the hands of delivery company now.

      • John Medany 2017-07-10 | Reply

        In the delivery company ? Why no tracking then ? and why does the order status say waiting ?

        Please advise ..



        • portal 2017-07-10 |

          Maybe your order is still being processed – we send couple of hundreds of packages a day.

        • Ole Heskja 2017-07-10 |

          Why don’t you guys inform us that preordered First Martians, that you are now shipping the game and let us know an expected delivery date? It’s not good customer service that I have to look through BGG threads and comments on your site to know that you are finally shipping after several delays.

        • portal 2017-07-11 |

          We are going to send official notice about shipping soon. The whole shipping process is taking a lot of time and we wanted to be sure, that we would be able to ship every preorder on time and without any problems before we announce anything.

  6. Ward 2017-07-08 | Reply

    Does not work atm on Mac/Safari

    • portal 2017-07-10 | Reply

      We are working on the solution.

  7. Frank 2017-07-07 | Reply

    Mars really ages you…

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