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As our beloved game, Imperial Settlers, continues to grow and reach new fans, the inevitable has happened: it has become necessary for us to errata a few cards. Like every successful company, we strive for perfection, but with so many moving pieces and card interactions, it’s an extremely difficult task. It is our goal to avoid this as much as possible going forward, but it is also our responsibility to address concerns as they arise.

Click on the Image below to be taken to the current FAQ. We have also provided printable cards if you wish to update your collection. You can find them at this link, or by visiting the Imperial Settlers page under the Extras link.


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  1. Ceasar 2015-09-22 | Reply

    On the Roman Faction card: New City it still says: Roman “location”

  2. Ori 2015-09-24 | Reply

    The pictured NEW CITY card still says ROMAN instead of FACTION

    • Ori 2015-09-24 | Reply

      In the included printable files, NEW CITY is missing. Instead, the card ARCHITECT is included as sprostowanie_eng_pdf_0010.pdf

      Also in the included files, ADMINISTRATION is ROM012, which is not what the Errata page says. (File sprostowanie_eng_pdf_0011.pdf)

  3. Rob 2015-09-25 | Reply

    Basically, much of the errata sheet doesn’t match up with the errata cards. Also, it might be a good idea to indicate the number of each card required so we know how many paste ups to print.

  4. portal 2015-09-26 | Reply

    I am working on a fix this weekend. -Chevee

  5. Rob 2015-10-04 | Reply

    How’s the fix coming?

  6. Christopher 2015-10-06 | Reply

    Any chance we can buy the replacement cards. I hate printing things out. Messes up the look of the game

  7. dotZoki 2015-12-21 | Reply

    I’d rather buy a replacement cards. I’m not a fan of printing nor I have colour printer 🙂

  8. Bifri 2015-12-24 | Reply

    Will new printing of Imperial Settlers include fixed cards or not? Thanks

    • portal 2015-12-24 | Reply

      To the best of my knowledge, yes. That comes from our graphic designer. Everyone is on vacation for the holidays, however, so I haven’t had a chance to speak with our production staff. -Chevee

  9. Bifri 2015-12-25 | Reply

    Thanks, I am considering to sold my old copy, just because of this. Probably, it is best way to include this cards in another future expansions. But, please, can you upload card backs? If i decide to print them. Thanks!

  10. Paul Grogan 2016-01-23 | Reply

    Has this been updated yet? The image above is wrong (as others have pointed out), and the new cards included in the pdf are not the right ones it seems (New City is missing, and other mistakes). Thanks.

  11. CycyX 2016-02-17 | Reply

    Would love to be bale to get the final version now, five months after release…

  12. Rob 2016-02-28 | Reply

    Any progress on providing a corrected version of errata?

  13. Tim 2016-02-28 | Reply

    I’ve got a quick question for the floor which doesn’t seem to be covered any where…..

    For playing actions the rules state to use the specific resource but for making a deal it ju says to play one food token.

    Can gold be played instead of the food token as it states they can be used instead of resource tokens? If this ok what are the thoughts on using gold to activate action locations or the rule books specification to certain resource tokens override this?

    It’s only came up in one game as no one really plays deals other than who ever plays Japanese but haven’t found any clarification since that night. We’ve house ruled it to say yes to deals with gold but not actions.

    • portal 2016-02-29 | Reply

      Gold can be used as a replacement for Wood/Food/Stone at any time, so yes, you can use it to activate Actions. -Chevee

      • Tim 2016-04-23 | Reply

        Thanks Chevee! Another question along the same lines as just got the Atlanteans expansion. Gears are classed as a resource so can gold be used for this as well?

  14. Sam 2016-03-07 | Reply

    Actions for round: please helpme:

    1 player makes 1 action and then another player makes 1 action and so on or 1 player makes all possible actions and then the next player makes all possible actions?


  15. Guido 2016-06-23 | Reply

    Glad to see that these are now fixed in the most recent printing. Like that I don’t have to disfigure my cards with a sharpie 😛

  16. ivan 2016-09-11 | Reply

    what about localized versions, like mine that’s in Italian? your local distributor is of no help… we still have to hear a date for 3 is a magic number, figure if they care of errata cards.

    Can you please provide the translated pdf?
    If not can you provide me the indesign file and i’ll fix it on my own? 🙂

    I had to ask 😉

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