Grant Rodiek, Michał Oracz, Michał Walczak

Cry Havoc


Cry Havoc 1st birthday and Aftermath Expansion

Cry Havoc 1st birthday and Aftermath Expansion
Cry Havoc is one year old! We are celebrating first birthday of Portal Games bestselling, brutal sci-fi action game – Cry Havoc! This is a great opportunity to play it – control war torn areas with card-driven, asymmetric, factions and, well, CRY HAVOC! Let us share some good memories and remember the past year, which has been a huge success. Last year we released Cry Havoc, not expecting, that it would be such a great success. By all means it was well deserved – it is a great game after all, but even in our wildest dreams we did not expect such an extraordinary reception. The game was nominated by many important organisations and won couple of important industry awards, to name the few: Goblin Magnifico 2017: Cry Havoc – Jury award, best boardgame published in 2016 Board Game Corner Nominee Origin Awards Nominee 2016 Golden Geek Most Innovative Board Game Nominee 2016 Golden Geek Best ...

Cry Havoc – Solo Variant Rules

Cry Havoc – Solo Variant Rules
We have great players, who do not only play our games, they take their time to go with them into new exciting territories. To give you something to read and play throughout the weekend, especially if you will be alone, we present this Cry Havoc Solo Variant Rules. This PDF includes two sets of rules – one in full colour and one printer friendly. Read, play, enjoy! Cry Havoc – Solo Variant Rules Download Variant rules by: Martin M Variant design by: Grant Rodiek


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