New Crystals for Cry Havoc promo

Golden Geek Most Innovative Board Game Nominee, Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Nominee, Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee… One of the hottest games of 2016. #CryHavoc.

One year Gen con hit. Another year, old story, huh? I could talk long about that. How does the cult of the new hurt the industry and makes designers and publishers debate the need to develop games deeply. Today though I write about Cry Havoc. The game we all love at Portal HQ and we play on a regular basis. Cry Havoc has one of the most brilliant battle resolution systems ever designed, it has four insanely asymmetrical factions and a ton of replayability provided by all these skills and buildings.

When I sat to design #LootBox, I knew we must include something for fans of Cry Havoc. I forced and pushed myself not only to please you, dear fans. I did it for myself. I freakin’ love that game and having a chance to add something to the system was pure joy.

New Crystals is a very simple mini-expansion that adds a ton of strategy to the game. In the setup phase, players will plant different regions with white and black crystals. Unlike the ones from the base game, these black and white are one use only, sort of objectives to grab, secure and score. And unlike the ones from the base game, white and black crystals are located precisely where you want them to be. You set the scene. You prepare the game. You let other players know which region is vital for you. After the setup phase is over, the board is filled with white and black crystals, markers that manifest players plans. For winning in the region with white crystals, you get additional points. If you win in a region with black ones, the score for this battle will be lower. The map gets extra dimension, unique net of scoring opportunities plant on the board by players themselves.

Enjoy, and let slip the dogs of war!

Ignacy Trzewiczek

New Crystals for Cry Havoc is a promo that is a part of the Loot Box from Portal Games – learn more here:


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