Which Portal Games game was your first? – Asking fans

Dear fans of Portal Games. Fellow boardgamers! We have recently asked you, how was your first date with one of our games. And boy, oh boy, you delivered some amazing stories and memories. Our staff also wanted to share, which games was their first, check it out:


And here are some of your most interesting and inspiring answers (original spelling):

  • Peter wrote: Was stumbling on an island with a mate and seeing a tropical depression building up. Went around and found bugger all food. Got stung by a spider, mate got mauled by a bear and by the time the storm hit us we were half dead. Died on that accursed island of your sick and twisted mind…. Rbinson Crusoe if someone is wondering
  • Imre wrote: Robinson was my first date. And it’s my love since then. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Anthony wrote: Robinson Crusoe was the first Portal game I purchase but Neuroshima Hex was the first I played, mainly because the iOS app was so accessible. Robinson rapidly became one of my all time favorite games and has remained a top game for me for years now.
  • Tony wrote: My first Portal Game was the original 51st State. Ironically the thing that sticks out the most from that time was me trying to get through the rulebook. I asked a question on Twitter and your responded. You also said that “you are going to hell for that rule book”. That made me laugh and a fan right away.
  • Boris wrote: Robinson was my first one (and will always be loved), but neuroshima hex replaced it for a while (still love to play it, im missing one army but will hopefully get it soon). But currently legacy is my goto portal game (my girlfriend loves it). But I guess the next portal game getting my love is first martian…(the game is waiting for me at home)
  • David wrote: It was those heady heady days I had, that wonderful summer I spent with Stronghold. I still remember gazing into this gorgeous brown shades, and those cubes! Those amazing cubes! Oh, Stronghold. We will always have that glorious summer…!
  • Johan wrote: My first date occured between post apocalyptic debris of the original 51st State. My wife and I still love to wonder around that place!
  • Andy even shared a short story: Robinson Crusoe. I was keen from day one of my renewed interest in gaming, loved the black and white French (I think) dubbed to,English TV version as a kid (watched in 70’s). Love the theme tune too. Was a little bit daunted by the game as heard hard to learn (not the case with Mr Grogans new rule book) watched a few play through s, bought it, thought about it a lot, left on the shelf, nervous I’d not like it, jumped in finally. Loved it, played all scenarios over six long months of death and distraction. Eventually completing them, still have Livingstone and Voyage to play. Next though FM… sorry that’s a story not a quote


Thank you for all of your responses!


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