Updates on our new releases!

Here’s the latest scoop!

1. Miners: Aztecs vs Weirdlings Expansion:
The development phase for Miners: Aztecs vs Weirdlings expansion has been successfully completed! All files have been edied and proofreaded, and they have been sent to production.

2. New Army for Neuroshima Hex:
We’ve received the latest version of the new army, which our designers treat as the final iteration. Currently, we’re conducting some final playtesting in our dev team. Concurrently, our art team is putting the finishing touches on the illustrations.

3. AI Space Puzzle:
AI Space Puzzle is set to have pre-release at Gen con. All files for the game have been sent to the manufacturer.

4. Robinson Crusoe Collector’s Edition and the Book of Adventures:
For backers awaiting their copies of the Robinson Crusoe Collector’s Edition and the Book of Adventures, the wait is nearly over! The majority of the copies have already been shipped out and delivered. As for the wider audience, mark your calendars for May when the retail release of the game is scheduled.

5. Printing Press:
The street date for Printing Press is set for March 20th. The game has already been sent to distributors.

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