Upcoming release – Printing Press!

We’re happy to announce the upcoming release of our newest board game, “Printing Press,” set to launch on March 20th. This game transports you to the vibrant era of Gutenberg, allowing you to experience the dawn of Renaissance publishing. In “Printing Press,” players are immersed in the competitive world of 16th-century print shops, where strategy, planning, and craftsmanship are key to becoming the most prestigious publisher of the time.

“Printing Press” is designed to be a family-friendly game, perfect for players who enjoy the challenge of drafting the ideal combination of cards, plates, and frames. The game unfolds over 4–6 rounds, with the level of difficulty adjustable to suit your preference. Each round, players must choose the best lettering, inscriptions, and colors for their book, striving to produce a masterpiece that will be remembered as the crowning achievement of the Renaissance.

Mark your calendars for March 20th and get ready to channel your inner publisher with “Printing Press” – where history, strategy, and creativity meet on the board.

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