Tides of Time app updated to version 1.1!

Portal Games Digital is constantly working on upgrading our products. Today we would like to officially let you know that Tides of Time app was updated to version 1.1.

What changed? We have fixed a couple of bugs, improved performance on tablets, made sure the game is available regardless of region or device (may not be available on older operating systems). But what is most important, we have implemented a completely new, extended tutorial for all of our fans, who have never played Tides of Time before. If you have problems understanding the game, just switch on the tutorial, and you will learn the rules in no time!

We would like to thank you for the positive feedback and a great initial reception of the game. We are working now on new features and improvements in 1.2 update, such as:

  • In-app rule book for Tides of Time board game
  • Cards list with a detailed description, as a gallery display.
  • HUD improvements:
    • Relics from previous era visible during discard/relic choosing phase
    • better text on cards visibility
    • double-tap for playing cards
    • previous era points preview

Stay tuned, they are coming soon!

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