Thorgal: Update #43 – February update

Dear backers,

Production update
The manufacturer sent to us and all our partners printed content of the game along with the language independent components. We received all the boxes, cards, rulebooks, dice, minis etc. to check one last time. Most of the components were accepted, but some of them had to be slightly changed. For example we found out that Book of Tales was not safely enough placed in the plastic insert so we asked the manufacturer to change the way the put the books in the boxes. Also there was small problem with the punchboard in the Polish retail version, though it did not occur in the GF version, so manufacturer may resolve this problem easily.

Check out below the photos of the sample:

Retail base game box, GF base game box, Character set expansion box.

Let’s open the box.


Scenario boards, Book of Tales

Minis, Character boards

Cards, dice, Resource markers

Book of Tales

Generally, we are very happy about the quality of all the components, both language dependent and independent. Also all our partners accepted their samples.

Delivery question
Some of you asked if they can change the delivery address. To do so, please contact Gosia (, she will explain you what to do.

Portal Games team

More about Thorgal: the Board Game:

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