Thorgal: Update #40 – Localization complete – production begins!

Dear backers, we are a little bit late with the monthly update, but we wanted to give you certain information than promise what would happen in the next days.

Over the past few months, our international partners from France, Italy and Spain have been localizing the game. It was not an easy task – in Thorgal we have more than 200 cards (most with text), several boards and sheets and almost 200 pages of paragraphs in the Book of Tales. That’s dozens of hours of work by translators, editors and DTP designers. Meanwhile, the Portal Games team worked on the Polish and German versions – English version has been ready for a long time.

Finally, we can inform you that this long process has been completed. The files have been sent to the factory, where they are going through the pre-production process before printing begins – cards are placed on sheets, tokens on punchboards, etc.

Of course, in the meantime, there was also various other work going on – together with the producer we were perfecting figures, dice and other components. Production of non-paper components will be carried out in parallel with printing – you can expect photos of chips, figures, dice, mats, etc. in the following months.

At this point, we can’t yet give approximate dates for the delivery of the games, but we will keep you informed of all the progress in production.

Janek (Portal Games team)

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