Thorgal: Update #37 – Pledge Manager FAQ

Hello backers! We received a lot of questions both here in the comments and sent to our e-mail ( Let’s answer them all together.

Why are the costs of my pledge different from those shown in the table at the campaign page?

They are not different. In the table we have shown the shipping costs of the base pledge (base game + stretch goals) and group pledge (6x base game + 6x stretch goals) and the cost is as shown in the table. The costs differ if you pledged the all-in pledge or pledges containing add-ons, because these packages have bigger weight.

Why does adding an add-on change the cost of shipping?

Shipping costs are based on the weight of the package. Adding more products increases the weight of the package and price of shipping. For instance:Package that weighs 12-14 kg costs 45 euros and a package that weighs 14-16 kg costs 55 euros. So even if you add an add-on to the box and your package weighs 14.05kg, you will have to pay for the more expensive shipping.

Could you explain once again the shipping to Canada?

By popular demand, we added a possibility to choose between air transport (cheaper and faster but with taxes on top) and sea transport (pricier and slower but no extra taxes will need to be paid – Friendly Shipping). In most of the crowdfunding campaigns the taxes are paid extra after the campaign, while in this campaign we decided to cover all these costs (applies only to Friendly Shipping). There is no better or worse way to send the game to Canada – it is up to you which of these 2 options you choose.

When the Pledge Manager ends?

The Pledge Manager ends up in a month, around October 20th. The certain date will be provided in the October update.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at, Gosia will answer all your messages with no delay.

Portal Games team


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