Thorgal: Update #35 – Pledge manager is coming

Hello backers, we are back from holiday and we are well on the way to completing the works on Thorgal. Moreover we want to inform you about the upcoming Pledge Manager.

Pledge Manager

Pledge Manager opens in the first week of September. Each of you will receive an e-mail with all the details and we will post a special update about it. If you are new on Gamefound, you may learn more about PM here: PLEDGE MANAGER.


We received the sample of figures from the factory. Most of them were accepted, but we were not happy about Vigrid and Tree Foot, so some changes were applied to these models.

Action chips

We also receive the Action chips – they were quite good, we liked the printing and quality of the chips, but we decided to make them slightly bigger and heavier. We are expecting new Action chip to arrive soon.

Different language versions

As you already know, we are working on 6 versions of the game at the same time. English version is ready, we are waiting for a sample. Graphic design of the German version is completed, and now all the files are edited by native speakers. Polish version is almost ready – we have 90% of files prepared and the edition of Polish files has already begun. French, Italian and Spanish versions are being translated by our partners, who informed us that everything goes well. To sum up – everything goes well.

That’s all for today, but you will hear from me soon, once the Pledge Manager opens!

Ignacy and the Portal Games team

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