Thorgal: Update #31 – Campaign is over!


Thank you. This is the end of the campaign, but obviously not the end of the work. It’s just another step behind us and a few more steps ahead! We’d like to thank you for the support, and what I believe is the most fulfilling for our team is how the campaign grew – we had a slow start, but more and more of you discovered the game, played it on Tabletop Simulator, watched videos on YouTube and read the Updates with the presentation of the game and more and more of you got hooked and joined the community of fans of Thorgal.

We appreciate you a lot. We had a blast revealing all the surprises we prepared for you, and we were very happy seeing every single positive comment about the game.

What’s next?


Our team takes a few days break. On May 1st, there is a national holiday in Poland, so the team will have a longer weekend and have some fun celebrating the success of the campaign. Well deserved! But then… What’s next?

Pledge Manager

We are going to open Pledge Manager in May. We will post an update about it. It is planned for the third week of May. In the Pledge Manager, you will be able to put all details about your order and have it done and put in our system!


We have a solid system for every campaign we run – one update every 4 weeks. At the end of the month, we post a summary what is the progress in the work and what was done. This is the case for this campaign as well.

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Thank you! Talk to you when the Pledge Manager opens!



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